This past weekend we had a wonderful grand opening. We had a constant stream of people visiting the space to check things out. It was a wonderful weekend. We enjoyed speaking with all of you as well as meeting so pretty amazing kids in the process.

As we connected with many of you we were able to process events and ideas people are looking for in the community. We are excited to further develop some additional classes to meet the needs of the community.

We are currently developing

1. Adult class for the October Robotic Pumpkin

2. Classes for grades 1-4 to expand services PreK-8

3. Potential high school robotics team

While we develop these ideas further we are excited that preschool classes begin this week. We are prepared and ready. Our Lab Conductors for the class have been hard at work making sure everything is just right for the kids when they arrive on Wednesday.

This week we have our second session of Ancient Engineering classes for grades 5-8. We still have a few spots open if you missed the first week. After this week we will no longer accept registrations for this September class. We will be moving from catapults into trebuchets as we prepare for our large PVC trebuchet.

Don't forget that on October 1st we have a family event called King of Fling. It is a one day challenge to build a catapult or trebuchet to see how far you can fling some objects across the parking lot. Sign up today so we can ensure your materials will be ready.


 Our preschool space is coming together very nicely!

Our preschool space is coming together very nicely!

 Can you build a marble maze?

Can you build a marble maze?




Preschool Steam Blog from September 13, 2017

Preschool Steam: Biology Beginnings was held today!  Our lesson focused on the differences between living and nonliving things.  

We looked at some National Geographic books while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Then we examined some bugs in critter keepers - two spiders, a stink bug, crickets, a fly, a cicada and a cicada killer.  And talked about the differences between a silk flower in a mystery bag and a real one.  

A quick Sesame Street video helped identify ways to tell if something is alive:  it eats, breathes and grows. We made a collage to reinforce this concept and even learned a song.  And then, it was time to start experimenting!

First, we studied gummy worms.  We looked at them under a magnifying glass, measured how long they were, and identified their color.  The gummy worms didn't move though and weren't much fun so we sprinkled some baking soda on them and put them in vinegar.  That really got them going!

Next we studied real worms.  We looked at them under a magnifying glass, measured them, and identified their color.  But the real worms moved a lot!  And they were fun!  Everyone named their worm and made a home to take home.  

Pictures are below.  Enjoy!