Welcome to the second update of 212 STEAM Labs, Inc. I have returned from a long due family vacation in Myrtle Beach. We jumped on the road at 3 am yesterday and drove all day to make it home Saturday night. Today after a wonderful night of sleep in our own beds we are back to the grind to make things happen.

Since the last update we have been delayed in some of our scheduling. We were to be moved into the space by now and I was hoping to be moving the stuff from my garage over the space to begin building work tables, assembling tools, painting, etc. We have been delayed in some of the paperwork with the company we are working with, but we are optimistic that tomorrow brings great news and we can move forward with out plans.

It was so exciting to pick up our mail from being gone and finding registrations for the classes. This warms my heart and has me so excited to make things happen in September. To those that have registered we say THANK YOU! because it is the key to moving forward with our goals and dreams. Without students and supportive parents, none of this works. If you have not yet signed up, then I encourage you to do so as we limiting classes to a max of 15 students for proper teaching ratios. Don't lose out!

I have been in several conversations about potential future projects and let me just say we have so amazing ideas swirling in our heads that I think are going to change how we think about learning. After a meeting today at my usual spot of Dunn Bros on 53rd, following up on some emails, adn organizing my notes, I believe you are going to want to sign up as a parent for these classes as well.

Here are some things coming your way soon:
1. Fall classes are available for sign up now. All information can be found on our website: https://www.212steamlabs.com/
2. We are currently seeking out if parents would be interested in the following options of classes. Let us know by email or leaving a comment.

  • Parent/Child class

  • Parent only class

3. Seeking grants to apply for to begin to host more equipment for projects we have in mind. If you know of any good ones out there, then let us know.
4. Organizing both male and female leadership groups. These will be meetings designed to empower males and females in leadership skills and mindsets. 

Until next Sunday we appreciate your support and we hope to have pictures and updates about the space by next weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

See you later, alligator( here is the song if you want to sing along!)

Aaron Maurer aka Coffeechug