It is finally happening!

Welcome to the first blog of 212 STEAM Labs, Inc. I am still in disbelief that this vision is becoming a reality. While we have so much work to do and we have so much passionate energy to make it happen I sometimes wonder if there is enough coffee in the day!

Today we have launched on our website the first round of classes to be offered in the space. We have classes for grades 5-8 as well as a preschool class. Don't forget that we are sharing space with Bereskin Art Studio and Gallery so we have a ton of art class offerings as well.

For those that don't know we have acquired the old Foster's Music building down on State St. We have an amazing location and plenty of space. Additionally, we will be sharing the space with the Bereskin Art Studio and Gallery. Pat Bereskin and her crew has been so helpful in making sure this happens. The amount of gratitude I have for the patience, bending over backwards, and support to this concept cannot be put into words. Just the simple fact of an art studio working together with a STEAM space provides so many opportunities of learning. It is going to be epic.

For now, we need you! Spread the word. Share the message. Let people know that this exists. We are small. We are growing organically. We want it be authentic. 

We have many massive ideas in preparation to launch to bring more events and projects to the space, but for now we have several classes to get started. If you have suggestion, ideas, or questions please feel to reach out to us. We are already looking to expanding the sessions down to 5th grade if the numbers work. 

In the meantime we would love it if you share. We are able to move into the space August 1st and from there we will be working hard to have things ready for classes in September. 

Here are some things you can begin to expect to hear from us about:

1. Adult classes on the same topics to provide trainings and a space for adults to learn
2. New competitions that nobody is doing in the area
3. Weekend workshops and drop in classes
4. Grand Opening event
5. Whatever else comes to us in the middle of the night

This is one heck of an adventure. We hope you join us. If you are reading this, then we thank you already for signing up for the newsletter. We will be in touch soon with new features, updates, and how things are progressing.