This week we kicked off our Robotic Halloween courses for elementary, middle, high school, and adult classes.

In our younger elementary class we are focusing on the Makey Makey. The Makey Makey is a perfect starting point when we begin to discuss coding and physical computing. Additionally, Makey Makey is Arduino based which funnels perfectly into our other classes where we are exploring Arduino.



We started out our class with some very quick and basic foundation discussion. We believe that the best way to learn is to DO! We provide a little background and then help students begin to trust in themselves to experiment, tinker, and design.

We explained what a Makey Makey is and how circuits work. After that we sent them on their way to attempt to make their first circuit by turning on a LED.


We also discuss the culture of learning at 212. These items above are not rules, but just the way we operate. If we want our students to have the confidence to experiment and try things then we must be sure the space is safe for them to do so. We start off each class discussing these items.


Each student was provided their own space to work and they were able to work at their own pace through a series of design challenges.


Students were provided many materials such as bananas to make a banana piano, washers, conductive tape, foil, graphite pencil, construction paper, and more. We wanted students to explore.

In the end students were able to make a LED circuit, a people circuit(check the video), and a banana piano.

Next week we will begin to explore coding the Makey Makey with Scratch and start to assemble their Halloween props.

Be sure to check the video to watch what was happening in class.