Just a few days ago we launched our first LEGO build challenge that anyone can do from home, school, or afterschool program.

The goal is to have fun building and making while sharing our work to inspire others.

The rules are simple:

1. Use whatever LEGO pieces you have available
2. Your own creation. We are not looking for purchased models, but you can surely use those pieces to craft your own. Let your imagination come alive!
3. Send you image of your work to aaronmaurer@212steamlabs.com
Include your name and age so I can feature you in the upcoming newsletters. 

Today I would like to feature Miles. He is a six year old who knocked out these designs in about 10 minutes.


How cool are these awesome designs? The imagination of children never ceases to amaze me.




As his mother states, "He’s six years old and LIVES FOR LEGOS. "


Feel free to continue to submit your Halloween designs. I know today is Halloween, but we don't have deadlines in creativity, we build when inspired.

Tomorrow I will post the November Challenge. Until then, happy building!