Our Preschool Steam Class met today and learned about habitats.  Here is what we did:

- Played a game which had students matching animals to their habitats.

- Watched a video on penguins, their habitats, and adaptations.

- Conducted 2 experiments demonstrating how penguins stay dry.

              1)Colored a penguin with crayons then sprayed it with water.  The wax in the crayon                     kept the penguin dry.

               2)Put oil and water and a few drops of food coloring in a baggie and saw that the                        two do not mix.  Penguin feathers are coated with a special oily substance that                          repels water and helps to keep them dry in their habitat.

- Conducted 2 experiments to better understand how penguins stay warm.

                 1)Touched ice water with a bare hand and then a "blubber" glove to feel the                                  difference insulation makes in keeping things warm. 

                  2)Placed 9 feathers in a square centimeter of play dough to understand how                                 densely packed a penguin's feathers are in an effort to keep them warm.

After our experiments, we played games.  One had us waddling like a penguin with a balloon between our legs.  Another had us sliding on our stomachs while lying on a towel to simulate how penguins slide or "tobaggan" on the ice.

Learning about habitats was lots of fun!  We have one more class scheduled in this session on Biology - pumpkins.  After that, we take a break until January 3rd.  At that time we will focus on topics related to the science of Chemistry.  Registration forms will be available next week.  Space will be limited so sign up early to save your space!

Pictures from today are below.  Enjoy!